The Sights of Summer

Yard deer

Yard deer

There are times when Mother Nature provides me with such beauty that I just grab my camera and shoot. There isn’t time to plan, use a tripod, or move in too closely. Sunday evening past was one of those times.

After a two week absence John and I returned home to find Brownie II, our resident yard doe, had birthed a fawn and brought it out to show us. Brownie finds comfort in the lack of predators on our acreage. She feels free to lay in the soft hollow of a large rock near our bedroom window and rest, observing with casual curiosity the comings and goings in and around our back gate.

Brownie’s new fawn tottered about, leaping on thin and spindly legs just feet away from Brownie. She raced back to be within a soft tongue’s touch at the first sight of our slightly bored and mostly yawning cat; but slowly gained confidence to prance about again.

I never fail to be moved by the beauty I see in the new life on our acreage each summer. The innocence of the young fill a deep well of appreciation at seeing my home once again through the eyes of someone or something new — be it a fawn or visiting guest.

I look forward to more of both in the coming months. Life is good here on the rock.

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