Hello all,

After a two year writing hiatus for a stint in the working world, I’m back with the cat and a cuppa, the hubby and the hoopla that make life on a lake and an acreage something to write home about.

If you are an “old” reader, (and you know what I mean) welcome back. If you’re new, welcome too!

I decided to have a writer’s blog this go round instead of a column (bless you Jack for five years of my columns on islandguardian.com) because I want to write about more than local life and interests.

And so, travel writing will be from around the world and up close and personal. Expect Turkey, India, New Zealand and Germany in the mix, as well as Mississippi Magnolia Country and the buffalo plains of Oklahoma. Cats and kids will be sprinkled generously throughout.

The World War II memoirs and other military stories will be a tribute to those friends of mine, many still living, who have impacted my life and continue to do so. They deserve a voice now more than ever. On this page I’ll have my own experiences to throw into the mix – an aircraft carrier landing (yes, I have my arrested carrier cert), a fast attack sub ride and more.

So, thank you for being here. Life is good on the Rock.


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