What people are saying about Stone the Goat

“You had me from the first page. . . Pat  M

“It is a wonderful book”  Sage  T.

“I love the description, I feel like I’m there” Carol  E

Maggie Meadows hadn’t expected…

…the heartfelt promise to her dying boss could lead to six months in the Taurus mountains of Turkey with his nomadic tribe. But it has. Each curve up the mountain takes her closer to a past she has spent a lifetime running from and to the stark truth that this is one promise she has to keep.

An excerpt for your enjoyment…

She heard the ram snorting when she passed the corral. He sensed her presence and turned his head and one good eye in her direction. Maggie stopped, then walked slowly to the gate.

“I had no right to go into your corral down in the village. I was a stranger.” She didn’t care who heard her. “You were protecting your ewes, doing exactly what you should have done, what I would have done, and I threw stones at you.”

The ram snorted once more and walked slowly toward her. He stopped just short of the fence and cocked his head, as if listening.

“I’m sorry I blinded you in that eye.” She rubbed the toe of her shoe on a rock. “Today I defied the chief. He threw these at me, hit me in the back.” She reached into her left pocket and pulled out a smooth stone. She reached into her right pocket and pulled out a larger, jagged one. Maggie held out the stones for the ram to see. She laid them on the ground just outside the corral gate. “We’re even.”